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The Club, in keeping with National Guidelines, have closed all Club waters to maintain the safety of members. Government have lifted some restrictions and provided guidance for Angling.

The club waters are to open from Wednesday May 13th with strict Coronavirus Easing measures in place.

The club pond rules will be as followed:

    1. Social Distancing e.g.a gap of 2 metres between people must be complied with at all times whilst using the club pond.
    2. The Club will endeavour to provide some hand cleansing materials, However members will be responsible for their own sanitisers etc.  for use when handling any gates, padlock or any other Club equipment.
    3. All pegs on the pond will be assessed for a safe distance and if any are too close, then one will be closed.
    4. Angling is only permissible from pegs.

As in all cases and situations, national guidelines regarding people who should be shielding and those who are experiencing the virus or maybe showing signs of infection must be followed. It is paramount to maintain safe distancing and ensure as far as possible no-one places others at risk.

Any failure in the adherence of the above will result in the pond being closed and suspension or removal of an individuals membership.

Bait will be available from Otley “Angling and Country Sports Shop” By telephone order and collection by arrangement only, between 0900 and 1600 Monday to Saturday.

The official club letter with full details in PDF Format can be downloaded here >>>>

Otley Angling Club now on waiting list status for membershp 2018... first time in 10 years

An unbelievable effort fom Otley AC members has seen a great increase in membership. The Otley AC fishing pond has proved very popular, with regular fishing matches held. Members have been superb with efforts for the club, donating winnings to the club, which has resulted in investment in infrastructure and fish stocks. Senior OAP Otley AC members have voted for their own increase in membership yearly subscription which has added to money available to the club.

Top Otley Match Fisherman Jim Smith Proves The River Wharfe Is Not Dead


Happy New Year 2014 to all and in case like myself you thought the River Fishing was dead in Otley, think again going into 2014, the River Wharfe in Otley is showing signs of revival.

Jim Smith using simple medium sized stick float and castor bait at bottom depth on two visits has netted big bags of Chub and Grayling on the Wharfemeadows park length. I was lucky to witness Jims second visit to the Wharfe this year and there was a bite nearly every cast drawing in passers by to watch the spectacle as Jim brought in the fish. Its encouraging to know that the fish are there in numbers and can be caught using simple tactics.
So lets not give up on the River Wharfe and tight lines to all in 2014.

The annual Jono's boxing day memorial match is to be fished as the charity match this year

The Jono's memorial always has a good turnout of anglers and this year should have added incentive. The Jono's memorial match will be fished as the Charity Match with proceeds going to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Book your tickets early at the Otley Angling & Country Sports Shop.

Otley Angling Club needs new committee members ahead of the AGM

Stephen Simpson Otley AC Club Chairman would like to invite all members to attend the AGM which will be held at the Weston Social Club on Thursday the 5th of December at 8.00PM. Otley AC also needs new committee members, the commitment is only 1 hour per month on a thursday evening, this is your opportunity to represent the oldest club in Otley, please come along, you will be made very welcome.

Otley AC Volunteers put in a fantastic effort of clearing weed on the club pond

Stephen Simpson Otley AC Club Chairman on behalf of Otley Angling Club would like to thank volunteers for a great effort in tackling the weed on the club pond. On Monday the 19th of August a team of Otley AC Volunteers worked for a full day removing weed from the club pond under the supervision of our fishery and environmental officer Stewart Pickard.
The efforts add to the positive that the pond is fishing well with 20Lb + catches a regular occurence.

Charity Match For 'Oddy'

Mark Hodgkinson known as 'Oddy' locally was a fine fisherman, a great character, and respected member of Otley Angling Club. To remember 'Oddy' a charity match has been arranged at Brafferton lakes, a venue that has seen 100Lb bags of fish in recent Otley AC visits. The date has been set for the 29th of June and tickets are available from Otley Angling and Country Sports.

Club Pond Secure From Otters

The club pond in recent months has suffered fish loss from the Otters introduced to the River Wharfe by the NRA. The club has been forced to invest in a perimeter fence to stop the Otters taking the fish stocks. Initial quotes for over £10,000 were submitted, however after a fantastic effort from club members the job has been professionaly completed at a fraction of the cost. The comittee would like to extend a big thank you to the club members involved in this project.

Excellent turnout and an exciting match at this years junior match

Fishing has a great future at Otley Angling Club underlined by the young male and female anglers who met at the Otley AC Fishing pond for the Junior Match on the 8th of September. 

Fergus Campbell brother of past champion Declan won the match with a first class 7Lb 14 oz made up of a mixed bag of 27 fish. James Lee came second with 5Lb, James also caught the biggest fish. Female Champion for the last two years Alexandra Orlandini came third with 4Lb 12 Oz.

Big thanks go to Alan Danskin who runs the junior matches every year. Otley Angling Club would also like to thank Graham Orchard, Dave Webster, J Murgatroyd and Keith Wilson for their excellent supervision on the day helping Alan run the match. A big thank you to Graham Orchard, Keith Wilson and Otley Angling Country Sports for donating prizes.

Southfield fishes well for Otley AC

Stephen Simpson netted 44Lb of Bream for a win in the latest Otley AC match at Southfield. Alan Thompson (a Southfield expert) came second with an excellent 33Lb. Only 9 anglers attended sadly so please make an effort to support the next Southfield matches on September the 9th and October the 14th

Stop Press: Club Pond is fishing well with double figure weights of mixed bags of fish

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As you will have seen on the news, postal rates are going to increase in April 2012 the price of a First Class stamp for a standard letter will rise from 46p to 60p. The price of a Second Class stamp for a standard letter will increase from 36p to 50p. We would like to send you the letter we post out every year via email to as many members as possible, this will save the club money and will allow us to communicate more effectively. This doesn't mean the end of our letters, members not wanting or who can not communicate by email will be sent communication by post.

Please click here to send an email to the site then will add your email to the database. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS WITHIN THE EMAIL Please note we will never allow your details to be used by a third party, and at any time you can instruct us to remove your email from our database.

Otley Angling Club
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Otley Angling Club members are enjoying a second consecutive year price freeze on Subs. If you are a member and haven't already done so, please renew your book at Otley Angling & Country Sports or directly via the treasurer Details Here

If you want to join us we are one of the few first class fishing clubs offering NO JOINING FEE, take advantage and join us for another great season
Details Here

Jonos Memorial Won By A Top Performance

A full line up turned up at the Wharfe to fish for the coveted Jonos Memorial Trophy. The match had been previously called off as the river was not fishable. On the re run the river was still difficult and clear in the icy conditions.
A quality angler can catch fish in any conditions, and a quality angler stepped up to the challenge last Sunday when Mick Mc Avoy won the famous Jonos memorial trophy with 26Lb 5 Oz of Chub. Frank Roy took second place with 4Lb and 32 Oz from peg 32. It was a fitting tribute that Mick's win was from peg 5, known locally as 'Dano's' peg. 

It's been a fantastic Record Breaking weekend for Otley Angling Club

Saturday: saw Allessandra Orlandini lift the junior title first leg for the second year running. Allessandra fishing with hardly any assistance netted 47 fish for 4Lb 2 Oz, 2nd place was F Campbell with K Steval finishing 3rd. Allesandra has already broken a record as the first female to win a title at Otley Angling Club and now holds the record for the first female to win the title twice.

Sunday: The Otley Angling Club officials match was held at Brafferton on the F1 Match Lake. Eleven anglers fished netting over 665 Lb total catch which is a club record. The top three anglers all netted over 100 Lb. Jason Whitehead won the match with 113 Lb, Jim Smith a close second with 109.8 Lb and Robert Eden 105 Lb. Many thanks to David, Brafferton Fishery owner for his kind hospitality and superb breakfast.

A club member was taking a last walk around the club pond on Sunday evening at 8.00pm when nearly dark when 4 men were seen at the top of the pond by peg 3. The men obviously didn't know the angler was still there as they made a hasty exit down the river bank to where they were parked in the Otley AC inlet nearby. The incident was imediatley reported to the police who sent a car to investigate. If you see similar suspicious activity you must report it to our Otley Police hotline on 0845 6060606 who will take any similar activity seriously and investigate

Subscription nights for renewing your Otley AC membership for 2011will be held on the 17th and 24th of February at the Weston Social Club in Otley from 8.00P, membership costs are the same as last year, all details here >>

The Otley Angling Club Charity Match 2010 was a resounding success with 40 anglers fishing at Brafferton Fishing Lakes for Wheatfields Hospice
A first winter frost welcomed anglers who travelled to Brafferton many of who took comfort with a fantastic cooked breakfast from the Brafferton Fisheries cafe.

Before the draw Stephen Simpson match organiser reminded everyone of Stewart Adams; our late match secretary who passed away at Wheatfields Hospice. Wheatfields are the chosen beneficiary of the 2010 Charity Match.

The event was split into two matches between the ghost lake and the match lake. The results were as follows:

On The Ghost Lake
J clay 61 lb
B clay 54 04 oz
S simpson 22 8oz
On The Match Lake
S knox 43 8oz
S roe 41 10oz
T hendry 33 lb

Final totals to be confirmed the event has raised between £400.00 and £500.00 for Wheatfields Hospice. Thanks to everone who took part; in particular to David at Brafferton Fisheries for allowing us to take two lakes, Stephen Simpson, Brian Clay and Otley Angling & Country Sports for the excellent organisation.